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Why invest through the Guardian fund supermarket?

The Guardian fund supermarket, provided by Skipton Financial Services Limited, provides you with access to over 1,700 Nisas and funds to invest in, from more than 70 different fund providers – all under one roof. You will pay 0% initial charge to Guardian investing on all Nisas, Unit Trusts and OEICs purchased. 

Need help selecting the right fund or Nisa to invest in?

If you would like to invest directly but are unsure what fund or Isa to invest in, why not search our top sellers or highly rated funds – or if you prefer to search by provider or fund name, by IMA sector, Alpha Manager or Crown ratings – you can use our simple selection tool and tailor the search to your own preferences. Just complete one or more of the search fields and click for your results. Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to one of our advisers who will be able to review your financial objectives and help you to select the right Nisa or fund to invest in, please call SFS free on 0800 121 6836 or click here to request a call back. Please note, if you go on to act on any advice provided, there will be fees or commission applicable.


Search by fund provider or the fund name

This useful selection tool will help you choose investments from our fund supermarket. You can search by provider or fund name, by IMA sector, Crown or Alpha ratings.

Simply tailor the search tools to your own preferences by completing one or more of the fields below and search for your results.

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Inc = this fund is for income and when income is earned by an investor the Fund manager will pay this back in the form of a cash payment
Acc = this fund is for growth. Fund managers will reinvest all the income back into the fund and this usually reflects in an increase in the unit or share price of the fund.